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Binary options Strategy 60 seconds

Binary options are also very popular in the USA. I'll show you a binary options strategy over 60 seconds or 5 minutes that really works.

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The 5 minutes or 60 seconds strategy binäre options. You want to trade binary or digital options and are now looking for a good winningtrading strategie für 60 sekunden strategy that will work, then I have a solution for you. Probably the most successful strategy is the trend following strategy, with 2 or 5 minutes running time. Following the motto,

The Trend, is my friend.

This strategy is one of the best that really works. You can apply these for binary or digital options, as well as Forex or CFD, s. You can understand this strategy in less than 10 minutes and implement it immediately.

I have with this strategy, a success rate of about 80% every 60 seconds or 5 minutes trades. This is a very good success rate that you can really use to make money.

This binary and digital options strategy is very suitable for beginners. But also professionals, work according to this strategy. I have described everything to you as simply as possible, so that you can implement this strategy immediately. 

100 to 500 dollars a Day are possible.

What is needed if you want to trade with this digital or binary options strategy?

In order to implement this strategy, you need a good and reliable broker that offers binary and digital options and good indicators. I can recommend Broker Pocket Options because it offers binary options and a platform that leaves nothing to be desired.

I have been using this for several years, without any problems. Everything always runs fast and smoothly. Deposits and withdrawals take place in seconds, so in short, highly recommended. Furthermore, this broker offers a free demo account, where you can do everything without any risk, practice and test. Nothing makes more sense than watching everything live. It costs absolutely nothing.

I can recommend currencies or commodities for trading. The most popular currency pair is EUR / USD. But here you can choose between a variety of currency pairs.

How does this trend following strategy work?

As the name trend implies, you simply follow a trend, whether up or down. There are only 3 different trend variants.

Here are the trend variants.

The uptrend
As you can see in the graph, the price goes up over a longer period of time. Here as a rule, at least 30 minutes, up to an hour. This is called an uptrend. If you see such a curve in your chart, it is advisable to buy a position. Since it can be assumed that if a price has risen above 30 minutes or more, it will continue to rise for another 60 seconds or 5 minutes, The probability that he does this is very high. But could also be clear to everyone. Find out more below.

The downtrend
Here is the same thing as an uptrend. If you see such a curve on your chart, the opening of a position sell. Here, too, it can be assumed that if the price has fallen over 30 minutes and more, it will also fall for another 60 seconds or 3 minutes.

The stagnant trend
If you see a curve, as with the stagnant trend, that means you can not tell in which direction the price will move. In such a case we do nothing. This is completely unimportant for us. So if you see such a curve on your chart, look for another currency pair where there is a clear trend.

Let's move on to the technical process, with Broker Pocket Options.

After registering and logging in for free, you will see the following graphic on your screen.

Here you can see a nice uptrend that I have used and buy $ 100 a position (green button) have opened. At the top of the red arrow you can see my profit. Payout $ 198, so profit in 2 minutes, $ 98. Not bad, right? But this is not about my gain, but you know what you need to do to achieve the same or more.

$ 100 use + 98% = win $ 98 in 2 minutes

Step by step instructions.
1. First, look for a currency pair or commodity, and so on, where you see exactly that curve in the chart. Of course, it can also be downhill. Because then it would be as explained above, a downtrend where you make exactly the same profit as in an uptrend. That's the beauty, you can make a profit in both directions. If you have found a currency pair or commodity etc., where you can see a clear trend, the next step

2. Zoom in and click on the minus sign like the green arrow until nothing works. So you see the chart in full length and can see how long he has already risen or fallen.

3. Then choose the time how long the trade should run. Look at the left yellow arrow at the bottom. I chose 2 minutes here, but you can also choose 60 seconds, 5 minutes or more.

4. Now select the amount you want to use for this trade. Watch the right yellow arrow. I used $ 100 here. That was all you have to do at first settings.

Now comes the dec Now comes the decisive.
When and how Do you start the trade now, because then the time starts to run. You start the trade by clicking on the buy green button in an uptrend, and then on a downtrend, by clicking on the red button. The how you start a trade, we have clarified now. Now only missing when you should start. That's the deciding factor for a win or loss.

The following graphic shows you exactly when you should start the trade.



In an uptrend, you always start the trade when the price goes down briefly. Watching in the graphic at the green markings.

In a downtrend, just the opposite. Here you start your trade, when the price goes up short.

That's all you have to keep in mind for the trend following strategy. With this strategy, I always have a success rate of 75 to 80%. That's enough to be successful. Sometimes I even have a 100% quote, as you'll see in the upcoming chart.

My tip for the registration

1. Register first, of course absolutely free, for a demo account. Here you have 10,000 Dollar to practice available.

2. Then you pay the same, at least 50 - 100 Dollar, if you want to earn money right. Why? Because you can always switch between the demo account and the real money account with one click. So you can already make real profits while practicing. Just 50 - 100 dollar deposit binary options, and start earning money.>

3. But before you trade with your real money, play everything you read here, in peace and without any risk in demo mode. Because nothing is better than to look at everything alone. Now I wish you a lot of success.


Risk Warning: Forex trading or the trading of binary options involves a high degree of risk and is therefore not suitable for every investor. By trading and speculating on foreign exchange, you may suffer some or all of the loss of your deposited money and should therefore not speculate on money you can not afford to lose